January News

In these complex and arduous times, I’ve found stories to be my greatest teacher, distraction, and refuge. I’m honored to share with you the fiction that we’ve published at Isele magazine for the month of January.

We also have ingenious artwork and prose by the wicked-talented Jennifer Purling Baker.https://iselemagazine.com/…/untitled-unbridled…/

“Right” One of my favorite authors, Rilla Askew (who won the American Book Award in 2002 for FIRE IN BEULAH– you should read it — it is amazing), wrote a powerful, timely, and meticulously crafted story for us — a work of historical fiction that takes place in the early seventies when there wasn’t access to safe and legal abortion. https://iselemagazine.com/2022/01/15/right-rilla-askew/

“Witch Hazel” is pure literary deliciousness and tenaciousness all wrapped up in a retelling of folklore (inspired by Hansel and Gretel). https://iselemagazine.com/…/witch-hazel-gabriela…/

“Gloworm” A brilliantly told tale that balances humor and sadness, asking, What does it mean to be family? https://iselemagazine.com/2022/01/15/glowworm-tayler-bunge/and…

“Just See” A compelling story of environmental activism told through the eyes of a naysayer. https://iselemagazine.com/…/just-see-ashley-bullen…/

…And we have our first print edition of ISELE coming out in June.What a brilliant and inspiring literary start to 2022.


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